Jenny Saville

I found Jenny Saville’s drawing / painting  style to be rather unique and energetic! Her work usually consists of naked women filling the canvas through a combination of physical bulk and extreme foreshortening. She uses contour lines and numerous expressionistic lines, which are drawn across the surface of the woman’s skin. She has formed many possiblities of the human body. What I enjoy about her work is that it has a sculptural style that verges on the abstract which give a powerful graphic life to details and expressive movements that animate her drawings and paintings.


Robert Crumb

The Book of Genesis by Robert Crumb displays a faithful, literal illustration of the Book of Genesis from the Hebrew Bible.  As religion has always been an important part throughout my life I found these drawings to be very interesting. As I continue to study religion throughout University and am studying the Hebrew Bible and Christian Scripture we learned about the story of Genesis and the series of creation stories throughout the bible. When viewing Crumb’s Book of Genesis he reintroduces the scripture as more than just stories. He displays them as a foundation, a source of writing of religious power. I love this work and how much detail he put in the drawings and within the storytelling.