Hello my name is Corry Faulkner and originally from Brantford, Ontario. I am now attending Western University in London, Ontario. I am in third year obtaining a degree with a BFA Honours Specialization in Studio Art with a Minor in Religious Studies. Art has always held a special place in my life and I continue to push my boundaries within my artistic career.

Recently I began to understand that I had an interest for creating abstract art by crafting elements of composition and design by gestural line or mark-making, unique textures, and layering which create the illusion of energy, movement, and imply structure within the composition. I also appreciate attempting new techniques and pushing the boundaries of what I am comfortable with, which means including mixed media or encouraging myself to complete a task that may or may not have a comprehensive product.

I enjoy using elements from my everyday life to influence my work, whether that is personal feelings or impacts from the world surrounding me. I focus on the medium in which I choose, which may be an inclusiveness of paint, charcoal or an array of mixed media. I find that abstract art is usually about the medium and materials used throughout the artwork, however within the medium displays the intentions or feelings of the artist. I continue to push my boundaries and I work on either a larger scale canvas or create numerous pieces that co-exist with one another. I may attempt to break the ideal mold of a “painting” and use different materials as my canvas or transform my ground into a new shape. I appreciate that every artwork is diverse for everyone and since narrative exists within the material context, it is the exploration of physical interaction of materials that allows me to express emotion, spirituality, and other human conditions. This strategy aims to test any given painting’s own internal logic, as well as test the broader limits of what an abstract painting can be.


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