Project Proposal Idea

I do not know what my work will entail but that’s the wonder and sense of discovery I intend to explore. This is something I will continue to mention. I may have an idea of what I want my work to look like that, but throughout the process it will change incredibly!”

“I enjoy using elements from my everyday life to influence my work, whether that is personal feelings or impacts from the world surrounding me. I find this to be an interesting starting point because it allows me to convey something that’s both visually exciting but loaded with meaning. I want to explore the creation and destruction found within my work. As I create and then “destroy” connects to the evolution of my work layered with event of self-discovery by building up layer upon layer of ink”

“I want to focus on the process itself, by exploring the physical quality of ink and the boundaries it requires. This evolution of creation is not dissimilar to the experience of life. Art is meant to be a journey of discovery, therefore I am exploring a sense of wonder, desiring for a result that embodies that and allowing the viewer to participate in its creation.”

“Iit is the exploration of physical interaction of materials that allows me to express emotion, spirituality, and other human conditions. This strategy aims to test any given artwork’s own internal logic, as well as test the broader limits of what an abstract art can be.


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