The Restless Line, Drawing – Response

“The process of hyperdrawing emerges as inseparable from the subject it enables, allowing the increasing of what it is capable of. Here, art practice does not produce a subject as such, rather they occur simultaneously; it is through one that the subject is.” This ending quote left me with many thoughts and questions concerning drawing and what it means to draw. While previously it was understood as a preparatory tool, now it is seen as a final destination. Artists who have pushed the boundaries of the term have redefined the very question of what constitutes drawing. “Drawing is often conceived as an activity that is drawn, taking place after the imitable fact, following attentively as an echo of that which it attempts to describe.” I sense when I draw figuratively I inhabit this feeling. When I have an object in front of me I have the drawing mapped out and I understand where objects lay. However, I still get the sense when I look at my drawing and back at the model/figure I can see where features don’t intertwine. This is when I loose the figure and begin to look more at the drawing, therefore the drawing manifests into something original. Additionally I draw hoping to manifest something that could not have been conceived from planning in advance. When I draw more abstractly I have an idea of what I want to make in my head or mapped out in my sketchbook, but I know the final product will not be so cohesive. But I feel this is when I create the best works because I let go and just draw; I allow my creation to take me to my next place. Drawing emerges somewhere between control and letting go and drawing explores the idea of “Techne which is the practice of mindfulness which against the reactions of impulsive habit.” When drawing freely it introduces the idea of hyperdrawing, which is the possibility of producing what is unknown or beyond the habitual expectations of a given frame, but also emerges as a tactical mode of productive knowledge or techne capable of negotiating the changing conditions of its own production. It is the art of knowing when of attempting to catch the limit off guard. The question of what constitutes drawing is approached through process and concept much more than as defined by medium, and the course focuses on an expanded experimental approach to drawing.


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