Anatomy Lab Visit

Thursday, October 30th, 2014

Visiting the Anatomy Lab on campus was a great experience. At first it was a bit shocking to see a room with rows of corpses, but after a while you understood they were there for a learning purpose and that is what I wanted to do, was to learn. I know from drawing from a live model in class would not compare to drawing from the dead. I got a sense that when drawing from the live model you captured their life, there feelings, every emotion they covey, but drawing the dead I got a sense that, that life was missing, you could not capture their emotion or feeling and convey that into your drawing. Drawing the corpse was difficult, you had to pay attention to every detail and everything that was being displayed. I felt myself drawn to the light, the texture and the shape of the parts of the body and explored how it was connected to the body. I was glad to have this experience and I feel like it will allow me to understand the live model when she/ he poses. I will be able to understand what makes up a body, why the hip pops out like that or the placement of the ribs. I know have a better understanding of the human anatomy.


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