Some Ideas ?!

Drawing has long been considered a foundational element in the study of art. In the 20th century, drawing has also become a medium that exists front and center in the practice of many contemporary artists. While previously it was understood as a preparatory tool, now it is seen as a final destination. The very question of what constitutes drawing has been redefined by artists who have pushed the bounds of the term.  I want to consider activities in our everyday life that touch on aspects of drawing (writing, diagrammatic language, notation, mapping), while also thinking about the ways drawing has been taught traditionally, and to consider what associations the medium carries today from this history. The question of what constitutes drawing is approached through process and concept much more than as defined by medium, and the course focuses on an expanded experimental approach to drawing. Assignments are often a response to a wide variety of artistic mediums where there exist resonant relationships ( installation, land art, sculpture, and among others). I do work in conventional drawing media (pencil, paper, eraser, ink etc) but I want to also explore how other media can expand the idea of what “drawing” might mean.


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