Finished Product – Painting / Mixed Media

Throughout my work I was concentrating on bringing in past and present ideas of religious concepts. I wanted to relate historical beliefs and traditions connected to my own faith. I feel that religion is an ongoing movement and still to this day changes and continues to incorporate modern day ideas. As oral tradition still continues and new ideas of the significance of biblical stories are being shared I wanted to bring into play all different views religion encompasses. As religious commandments were brought to Moses on a slab of stone I created several encased books with the word of God printed within them, whether it be historical story telling or modern day philosophical ideas. I then took my own influence of major biblical stories and created an illustration on how the story may have been displayed. I feel that even though my inspirations are placed amongst these works, the viewer can still place their own ideas, influences and interpretation within the work. I continue aappreciate that every artwork is diverse for everyone and since narrative exists within the material context, it is the exploration of physical interaction of materials that allows me to express emotion, spirituality, and other human conditions. This strategy aims to test any artworks own internal logic, as well as test the broader limits of what an abstract painting can be.


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