Greg Curnoe

“Art doesn’t change me; it’s what I’m doing.  It’s rarely that an influence from my art determines the way I live; it’s usually the other way around.  The way I live determines what I do in my art – if they can be distinguished, and I don’t think they can really be distinguished.” 1976
Greg Curnoe, known primarily as a painter, also experimented with sculpture, video, and photography. He was an ardent regionalist, and vocal artist activist. He encouraged artists to find their muse from within their own everyday experience. He copies images from popular comic books as well as creating his own ideas, characters and stories. What interests me is the details within his work, such as how he can spend hours tracking and recording everyday life and incorporate these modern ideas within a piece.  His interest in the bright colour palette of his comic books, and in recording the minutia of the world around him, would stay with him into adult life.

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