On Elements of Drawing

Dillon Reading : On Elements of Drawing By Brian Dillon

My thoughts in response to the reading

When reading “On the Elements of Drawing” by Brian Dillon I began to think about the term “drawing” and how it is applied to numerous works and various techniques. When the reading instigated that drawing is a detachment, ignorance of the world around them I began to reflect that drawing is at the root of all our visual communication. Drawing is a way to exercise and strengthen the way we see. I question the statement that drawing is slowly dying even though there are some artists that do not draw at all, however prior to creating a piece somewhere, a sketch or doodle was most likely made, in order to start the visualization process. I also thought about how I would define drawing, drawing is an image making process, utilizing various marks in media usually on paper, just as the definition of “Art” has moved from concrete to the highly abstract, drawing can be defined and articulated in various ways but how do we create this overall definition? Drawings can be made using any and every media available; from paint and brush, to sculptural relief, graphic shapes and digital renderings. Could it be said that primarily the creator defines a Drawing?


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